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Many conditions in the skin, both diseases and the simple result of growing older can lead to unwanted red spots. Vascular lasers selectively target red spots in the skin. It is important once again to make sure that any area to be treated is properly assessed to make sure it is appropriate for laser treatment. Examples of treatable lesions include:

Telangiectasias: The small spider-like enlarged blood vessels often seen on the face (telangiectasias) as the result of sun exposure and increasing age can usually be completely removed with a simple outpatient treatment with minimal risk of problems.

Port-Wine Stains: Flat pink or red birthmarks (sometimes large), which are often, present at birth.

Some patients with a skin condition called rosacea can develop constant redness of the cheeks and/or nose. This may respond at least in part to pulsed dye laser treatment.

The Nd:YAG Laser is used to treat tattoos and pigmented lesions-brown spots such as freckles or “age spots”.

Dr. Nowell Solish

Dr. Solish is a renowned specialist in the field of cosmetic dermatology and dermatologic surgery. He was one of Canada's first cosmetic dermatologists to use injectable BOTOX. Dr. Solish is the Director of Dermatologic Surgery at the University of Toronto. He is also published in peer-reviewed journals, and lectures regularly on dermatologic surgery techniques worldwide.

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Brown spots or pigmented lesions on the skin are very common as we get older. Most of these are harmless and only of cosmetic concern, but it is important that enlarging or irregular brown spots be assessed before being considered for laser treatment. Examples of these spots treated are:

  • Permanent sunburn freckles or Lentigines
  • Flat brown spots on the hands or face (Liver spots)
  • Blue-grey birthmarks on the face (Nevus of Ota)
  • Some other brown lesions

Once again it is very important to have an accurate diagnosis of what brown spots are being treated prior to laser treatment. Inaccurate diagnosis and inadvertent laser treatment of a skin cancer (melanoma) may delay proper treatment and result even in death. Someone should assess you with expertise in skin and its diseases (such as a dermatologist).


There are specific lasers that work very well for the treatment of unwanted broken blood vessels. These can be caused from sun damage, genetic predisposition, or conditions like rosacea. Dr. Solish’s office has many lasers to treat this, including VBeam Perfecta, ExcelV, and IPL devices. The team will make a proper assessment and help decide what is the best treatment for you.

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