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Why is Submental Fullness So Difficult to Get Rid of?

It is important to understand the nature of submental fullness in order to comprehend how exactly Belkyra® works.

The number of fat cells in the human body tends to stay constant after experiencing puberty, and the size of these fat cells can fluctuate as you lose or gain weight. While improving diet and exercise habits can lead to weight loss, these measures do so by shrinking fat cells – not eliminating them. This is why even the fittest and most disciplined of individuals can still have localized pockets of excess fat.

The size and placement of these pockets can vary based on other factors besides diet and exercise habits, such as genetics and age. Patients of any age or gender can develop a persistent double chin.

The only way to get rid of fat cells is to physically remove or destroy them – and this is exactly what Belkyra® does.

Dr. Nowell Solish

Dr. Solish is a renowned specialist in the field of cosmetic dermatology and dermatologic surgery. He was one of Canada's first cosmetic dermatologists to use injectable BOTOX. Dr. Solish is the Director of Dermatologic Surgery at the University of Toronto. He is also published in peer-reviewed journals, and lectures regularly on dermatologic surgery techniques worldwide.

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What is Belkyra®?

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As a leading dermatologist, both in medical as well as cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Solish's opinion is sought after by a wide range of news organizations and publications. The Photo Gallery contains a short sample of some before and after results performed by Dr. Solish as an expert in his filed.

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