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For even the fittest and most disciplined individuals, pockets of fat in areas such as at the flanks, under the chin, and on the abdomen, can be persistent. Because of the nature of diet- and exercise-resistant fat, the only way to get rid of such deposits is to physically get rid of them. And for individuals seeking a non-invasive, non-surgical method of fat reduction, they can find an effective solution in CoolSculpting® at the Toronto-based practice of Dr. Nowell Solish in Yorkville.

To learn more about fat reduction with CoolSculpting® in Toronto, contact our Yorkville practice online or by phone at 416 964 8888.

What is CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is a method of removing unwanted fat that fails to respond to traditional dieting and exercise efforts. While it is similarto liposuctionin what it can achieve, CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical and non-invasivetechnologythat targets and freezes fat cells beneath the skin. It has been cleared for fat reduction by both the FDA and Health Canada.

A balanced diet and exercise regimen are essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To reduce body fat, these measures can act as the first line of defense. But even after achieving a healthy weight range, fat deposits in certain areas on the body can stubbornly remain. This is due to a combination of factors that can often be largely out of our own control, such as genetics and age. Diet and exercise can reduce the size of fat cells, but cannot eliminate them altogether.

Through a carefully controlled cooling process, CoolSculpting® triggers an effect known as Cryolipolysis®, or "fat freezing". The device targets fat deposits and cools treatment areas down to a temperature of about 4° C, at which fat cells freeze and die, but skin, muscle, and other types of tissue are unharmed.

Once the fat cells die, the body naturally flushesthemout, leaving the treated areas debulked and the overall physique more sculpted. Unlike liposuction and other more invasive procedures, a CoolSculpting® treatment in Toronto involves no needles, no incisions, and no anesthesia. It is an effective and non-invasive method of reclaiming your body without extensive downtime afterward.

What Effects Can I Expect from My CoolSculpting® Treatments?

It is important to remember that while CoolSculpting® can reduce the size of multiple or large fat deposits, it will not significantly impact overall weight, and is not an effective weight loss treatment plan. The procedure works most effectively for patients who are within 13.6 kilograms of their target weight and just need a little help with those stubborn pockets of fat that fail to respond to traditional weight loss methods.

The full results of treatment take time to materialize, and though you can expect to witness results six weeks after the procedure, most patients can expect to see their full results within two to four months of treatment.

Because the treatment effectively kills fat cells, patients who maintain a healthy lifestyle involving diet and exercise can expect to maintain their results. Specific areas that respond well to CoolSculpting® include hips and thighs, upper and lower stomach, chest, arms, and back.

Who Is a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting® In Toronto?

Women and men between the ages of 18 and 80 are potential candidates for a Toronto CoolSculpting® session. However, there are some patients for whom the procedure will be more effective than others. These include:

  • Patients who are within 13.6 kilograms of their target body weight
  • Patients who are looking for natural results rather than an extreme transformation
  • Patients who would prefer to avoid invasive surgical procedures
  • Patients who want a treatment option that allows them to resume their normal life with no downtime
  • Patients who are otherwise pleased with their body and weight but battling stubborn pockets of fat that they can't seem to get rid of

Although these conditions are very rare, patients who suffer from cyroglobulinemeia, paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, or cold agglutinin disease are not good candidates for CoolSculpting®. We encourage our patients to share a full list of their conditions and medications to ensure they are ideal candidates for this treatment option.

What Should I Expect During My First CoolSculpting® Treatment?

Most Toronto CoolSculpting® treatments last about an hour, although some sessions may last several hours. Depending on the number and size of treatment areas, some patients may require more than one CoolSculpting® treatment to achieve their desired results, as each hour-long treatment generally targets one treatment area, such as the upper abdomen, one love handle, or one side of the flanks. It is also possible to schedule additional treatment for a target area in order to maximize the results, although we recommend spacing treatments on the same area several months apart. Most patients can expect a 25% reduction of fat at the treated area. A subsequent treatment would result in an additional 20-25% reduction for a total fat loss of nearly 50%.

Treatment sessions involve placing an applicator and gel pad on the targeted area. The applicator cools the fat beneath the skin, creating a cold sensation on the skin being treated. However, the chilling sensation generally resolves after a few minutes as the skin becomes numb. During this time, some patients elect to read, listen to music, nap, or work on their computer.

We recommend that CoolSculpting® patients arrive at their appointment wearing loose clothing and avoid beverages in the two hours leading up to the procedure.

Will There Be Any Side Effects or Downtime After My CoolSculpting® Treatment?

One of the greatest advantages of CoolSculpting® is that patients can immediately resume their usual activities. While there might be some tenderness or mild redness at the treatment area, patients can return to work, exercise, run errands, or socialize immediately after treatment.

Not all patients experience side effects, though some do feel tingling, tenderness, bruising, itching, or cramping at the treatment area. For patients that do experience some mild pain, we encourage them to apply a cold compress and take an over the counter pain reliever such as Advil or Tylenol.

For best results, Toronto CoolSculpting® patients should seek a licensed and experienced practitioner.

How Much Does CoolSculpting® Treatment in Yorkville Cost?

The cost of CoolSculpting® varies based on each patient's specific needs and concerns. Some patients require a single session targeting a smaller area, while others prefer to address to multiple areas of concern. We provide patients with a treatment estimate once we have assessed their unique circumstances and agreed on the best treatment plan.

If you have a question about CoolSculpting or want to book a consultation with our experienced providers in Toronto, call 416 964 8888.


CoolSculpting is a device that uses cold temperatures to reduce unwanted fat on the body. It is approved by the FDA and health Canada for a safe non-invasive way to reduce unwanted fat.

CoolSculpting works by freezing the fat. It is uses. Devise that attaches to the outside of your body and slowly freezes your fat. It is painless and after the fat has been frozen it slowly dissolves and disappears from your body.

We have the latest CoolSculpting technology which has shorter and more effective treatment times. Each area takes approximately 40 minutes to freeze. An area would be for example one love handle.

People get significant improvement with one treatment. After a few months you will see how much fat reduction you got and you can decide if you want another one or not.

There are lots of areas that CoolScupting can be used, such as a double chin, love handles, back fat, the stomach and thighs.

As long as you maintain your weight the results should be permanent.

The beauty of CoolSculpting that unlike other fat removal or dissolving treatments this process is relatively painless. Most patients read a book, watch TV or sleep during the procedure.

CoolSculpting has been approved for use by the FDA since 2010. Luckily Dr. Solish was one of the first to use the machine in Canada as he did some of the clinical trials for it. Since then there have been a very high safety record for this treatment.

There is really no downtime with CoolSculpting. You can resume regular activities as you wish.

CoolScuplting is a safe process as we do not want the fat to disappear too rapidly. After your treatment you will see results in 1-2 months.

Yes it can be combines with skin tightening or even used to address small areas that were not successfully removed by liposuction for other procedures.

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