Toronto LipoSonix® Treatments

LipoSonix® Fat Reduction

Dr. Solish is pleased to offer LipoSonix® treatments. LipoSonix® is an effective ultrasound energy that eliminates abdominal fat just beneath the skin. There is little to no downtime associated with this procedure due to its non-surgical nature. This means patients seeking fat reduction can now have a treatment on their lunch break and go right back to work. Most LipoSonix® patients see permanent results in 8 to 12 weeks typically resulting in a reduction of about 2.8 cm, or one dress or pant size, in the waistline following a single 1-hour treatment.

To speak with Toronto Dermatologist Dr. Nowell Solish about how he can help you achieve your goals, Request a consultation, or call our office at 416 964 8888.

The LipoSonix® system works by focusing high intensity ultrasound beams causing permanent disruption of fat cells just beneath the skin. This is achieved without damaging the surrounding or underlying tissues. Dr. Solish is able to create a custom-designed treatment to target subcutaneous fat resulting in reduction of hard-to-get-rid-of, stubborn fatty pockets.

The LipoSonix® treatment was developed after nine years of research and testing. In studies, the LipoSonix® treatment treated the targeted fat without affecting any surrounding tissue.

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